If you are looking for more information about our academic programs, academies or would like to support or volunteer, please contact Oregon Outreach.

We can be reached by phone or email. If you would like to meet in person, please set up an appointment and we will gladly make time for a conversation.

Oregon Outreach Contact Information

Oregon Outreach, Inc.
PO Box 265
Clackamas, OR 97015

Email:  info@oregonoutreach.org
Phone:  (503) 281-9597

Academies Contact Information

Adult Program - Virtual
Email:  adp@oregonoutreach.org
Phone:  (503) 281-9597

Molalla Academy
Email: molalla@oregonoutreach.org
Phone:  (503) 759-7386

Scappoose Academy
Email: scappoose@oregonoutreach.org
Phone:  (971) 200-8005 ext. 5173

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Need-based Scholarship funding.
Particular to the inner Portland area, some students are offered the opportunity to study at OOI without charge. Students and families are encouraged to sign up for the wait list if funding or space is limited.

District funding.
Many local districts have recognized the need for some of their students to participate in a program such as the one OOI offers. Please ask our staff or your local school district if they have an Oregon Outreach program in their school