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Are you ready to enroll with Oregon Outreach and achieve educational success? Please, fill out the OOI admission form to begin the journey.

If you are between the ages of 14-17, you may need your parents’ permission to fill out this application.  Or if you would like, contact one of our admissions counselors and we will be happy to get you enrolled.

You can contact one of our counselors by phone at (503) 281-9597.

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Oregon Outreach, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1988. OOI began a program holding fast to the motto “Without a struggle, there is no progress.” With that in mind, OOI board and staff has done its best to serve as many children as possible irregardless of their financial situation.

There are three ways students can have their education paid for at OOI:

  • Tuition-based private pay. Current tuition is $390.00/month or $3,900.00 per academic year. Parents and guardians are offered opportunities to reduce this amount in a variety of ways with the approval of the Executive Director.
  • Need-based Scholarship funding. Particular to the inner Portland area, some students are offered the opportunity to study at OOI without charge . There is a wait list for this program, however students and families are encouraged to sign up for the wait list.
  • District funding. Many local district have recognized the need for some of their students to participate in a program such as the one OOI offers. Your local school district may participate in this program. Feel free to ask our staff or your local district if they are a participant.

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