Adult High School Diploma Program

About Our Diploma Program

Welcome to Oregon Outreach Inc.’s Adult High School Diploma Program. We know the decision wasn’t made lightly but Oregon Outreach is here to help you  The Adult High School Diploma Program is designed for adults in Oregon, ages 18 and older, who would like to earn their high school diploma. There is no maximum age limit for this program.


The state of Oregon requires students to complete 24 credits to earn a high school diploma. This requirement applies to all students, regardless of their age, or when they first enrolled in high school. Before you enroll at OOI, we analyze your transcripts from other schools and advise you of the number of credits you still need to graduate, and if you need to meet any additional “essential skills” requirements based on when you first enrolled in 9th grade. We will accept any high school credit earned from an accredited high school, whether it resulted in a letter grade or a “pass” (P) on the transcript. In addition, we accept college credits, GED scores, and life experience with proper documentation. Once enrolled, we can grant credit for documented work experience, too.


Once you have finished your last course and completed the essential skills requirements (if necessary), you are a high school graduate!

Oregon Outreach provides you with an official diploma, an official transcript, and two unofficial transcripts. Once a year, there is an optional graduation ceremony.

Now that you have graduated from high school, we want your education at OOI to continue to  benefit you in other parts of your life, including your career and any postsecondary education plans you have. Educators at OOI have career and academic experience in a variety of fields. We can advise you on career planning, apprenticeships, military service, certificates, financial aid applications, and college degrees from the associate level up to a doctorate. No matter what you are interested in accomplishing in life, we will help you figure out how to get there.

Enrollment qualifications and process

OOI wants adults to meet their educational goals regardless of age. If you are 18, you can enroll as an adult student. The process is very simple: review the student handbook, meet with an OOI administrator, complete a 1-page enrollment form, and pay the enrollment fee. We do not require you to take a standardized test, write an essay, or provide references to earn a high school diploma. All you really need is a desire to learn.

Tuition and Fees

Our Adult Diploma Program offers adults an affordable option for completing their high school diplomas. We charge an enrollment fee of $100.00, tuition at the rate of $100.00 per credit, and a graduation fee. Students pay for the credits they wish to complete at the beginning of the quarter, or work out a monthly payment plan with OOI. Since you pay as you go, there are no student loan payments or bills from OOI.

Contact Information

To get more information about the Adult Diploma Program, please contact Alex Engelhardt, Adult Education Coordinator, at or 971.282.2537.

Making a tuition or fees payment?

Are you an adult student who needs to make a payment? Clicking the button will take you to a page where you can pay OOI through PayPal, or with a debit or credit card.

  • If you use PayPal, send the payment to
  • If you would like to send a personal or cashier check to OOI, make it payable to OOI or Oregon Outreach Inc., and mail it to Oregon Outreach, 2215 N. Lombard Street, Portland OR 97217.

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