Adult High School Diploma Program

About Our Diploma Program

Welcome to Oregon Outreach Inc.’s Adult High School Diploma Program. We know the decision wasn’t made lightly but Oregon Outreach is here to help you  The Adult High School Diploma Program is designed for adults in Oregon, ages 21 and older, who would like to earn their high school diploma. There is no maximum age limit for this program.


Students in the AHSD program are working towards an Oregon Diploma with specific requirements that are determined by your 9th grade year. Previous high school and college transcripts will be evaluated by program advisors to determine how credits will transfer to Oregon State Diploma requirements. Students need to complete a total of 24 high school credits to earn a high school diploma.

Students must meet State Standard Essential Skills requirements for: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics prior to receiving their diploma if they were to graduate after 2011/2012. Essential skills requirements can be met through work samples or state approved test scores.

Essential Skills2008-2009
Graduate Year: 2011-12
Graduate Year: 2013-14 and up
Graduate Year: 2013-14 and up
Reading X X X
Writing X X
Math X

The AHSD program will accept all grades. Courses that have a grade of F may be eligible to retake the course which will remove the pervious F from the cumulative GPA calculation. Courses that can be retaken are determined by the adviser and the student will be informed of this opportunity. The credits for the course retake will be the same cost as any other credit.

Earning High School Credits

The AHSD program is on quarter schedule throughout the typical academic year. Course work is broken into 0.25 or 0.50 credit classes. Students must earn a grade of “B” or above to receive credit.

College credits can be used to meet high school credit requirements. The credit conversion rate is as follows:

1-2 college credits = .25 high school credit
3-4 College credit = .50 high school credit
5-6 college credits = 1.00 high school credit

A program plan will be developed with you and your adviser to map out the courses per quarter to help you be as successful as possible.

Program Completion

When you have met all the requirements for the Oregon State Diploma, you graduate! Students will complete an exit interview with their adviser to review goals, share what continuing of transition supports you would like.
Even though you have completed our program, we are still here to support you as you transition into your next phase, be that continuing your education or joining the workforce. Transition planning includes:

  • Assistance with resumes, interviewing and job resources
  • College assessments- finding a good fit
  • FAFSA and OSAC application support
  • Trade program resources

Once you have completed your exit interview, you will be awarded your official Oregon State Diploma and an official sealed transcript. You may request additional transcripts at any time with no additional charge.

Graduation Day

In June, OOI celebrates all students that have graduated within the school year from all of our schools and programs in a graduation ceremony. Although optional, we invite and encourage our students to participate, and to invite family and friends, and any other important people in their lives to enjoy the celebration.

Students wear a cap and gown, and receive 10 invitations. All items are purchased through Oregon Outreach, at a highly discounted rate.

Student Expectations and Policies

Because this program is optional and self-referred, students enrolled in the Adult High school Diploma Program are expected to show commitment to their education.

Program Contact Information


Phone:  503-875-2816

Enrollment/Tuition Fees

OOI wants adults to meet their educational goals regardless of age. Our Adult Diploma Program offers adults an affordable option for completing their high school diplomas. Tuition is charged by the credit, without limit to the number of credits you can take per quarter. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $100.00.

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