OOI Student Expectations and Policies

Because this program is optional and self-referred, students enrolled in the Adult High School Diploma Program are expected to show commitment to their education.  Please read our OOI Student Expectations and Policies before enrolling in our Adult High School Diploma Program and begin the education process.

Academic Progress

Each quarter students must earn a B or higher to credit for coursework. A student will have the opportunity to redo assignments until a course grade of a B or higher is met, or until the quarter ends. If the student does not meet this expected grade, the class will not be considered complete.
If the coursework is not considered complete, the student will have the opportunity to redo coursework in the following quarter; however will pay again for the cost of the course.

If the student shows patterns that indicate that the Oregon Outreach AHSD program is not right for them, or it is not the right time for them to work on their diploma, they are exited from the program. Students that are exited may appeal their suspension if they believe there are compelling reasons for reinstatement from suspension. Suspension appeals may be requested from the Executive Director.

Payment and Refund Policy

Before the start of the new quarter, the student and advisor will develop a plan and determine the coursework for that quarter. The student must register for the specific coursework, which will be signed off by the advisor and payment must be made if full at that time.

Students are able to withdraw from coursework until two weeks into the quarter. At that time, the amount for that coursework will be credited to the student’s account and it can be used for future coursework. There will be no cash refunds.


Attendance in this program is based on communication via email or phone, as well as meeting hours.

Students are required to meet with their advisor prior to the start of the quarter to set the plan for coursework. During that time, they will set a schedule of times to meet. It is expected at the student will attend all meetings and bring assignments that are due and any questions. Rescheduling these meetings are an option if it is an emergency or done with at least 24 hours’ notice.

Students are also expected to promptly respond to emails or phone calls from their advisor or OOI staff.

Cheating or Plagiarizing

If a student is suspected or, or found cheating or plagiarizing they may be withdrawn from the coursework with no credit or refund. An Incident Report will be filled and become part of the student’s record.


If you have any questions about our diploma program, please don’t hesitate to contact Oregon Outreach.

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