Youth High School Diploma Program

About Our Youth Diploma Program

Welcome to Oregon Outreach Inc.’s Youth High School Diploma Program. We know the decision wasn’t made lightly but Oregon Outreach is here to help you.

For students interested in our Molalla and Scappoose programs, there is open enrollment throughout the year. The enrollment process begins by inquiring with Molalla or Scappoose high school counselors, followed by scheduling a meeting with the Oregon Outreach staff in those locations to determine eligibility. Students will then complete an application and, if there is not sufficient space, be placed on our waitlist. There is no guarantee that  students can be enrolled immediately, as our program seats are limited. However, as soon as a seat becomes available, the next student is enrolled.

The McCoy Academy also has open enrollment throughout the year, and a wait list when the classroom is full. This program does not contract with a specific school district, so applications can be submitted through our administrative office.


Credit Requirements

As a requirement to stay in the OOI program students must be in Academic Good Standing meaning students must complete at least the minimum number of credits per grading period, as set by each District’s program. If a student fails to complete the minimum number of credits they will be placed on Academic Probation.

OOI Attendance

Regular attendance is essential for each student’s success. Students are expected to attend school daily and to be on time; repeated tardiness is not acceptable.

Recent Graduates

Academy Rules & Expectations

To create and maintain an environment conducive to academic progress and safety for everyone, the following rules and expectations have been developed for all Oregon Outreach locations.

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