Academic Credits Information

The following information provides an overview with how Oregon Outreach Academies break down the credits students earn when attending one of our schools.

CREDIT REQUIREMENTS: As a requirement to stay in the OOI program students must be in Academic Good Standing meaning students must complete at least the minimum number of credits per grading period, as set by each District’s program. If a student fails to complete the minimum number of credits they will be placed on Academic Probation.

In the following grading period a student on academic probation must meet the required credit minimum else their position in the OOI program is up for review with the possibility of referral back to the District.

CLASSWORK: Students will be required to meet at least 80% over all on classwork to earn credit for the subject area instruction.

CHEATING: Students are expected to do their own work to the best of their ability. Cheating on assignments, tests, projects or papers will not be tolerated and will receive consequences based on the severity and frequency of the infraction.

CONTRACTS: Students are limited to 2 independent contracts open above and beyond teacher instructed classes, unless with teacher approval. All classwork MUST be completed within the grading period they were taught to receive full credit.

OOI serves students who are at all stages in their high school careers. We do not often separate students by grade level. Credits required are determined by the projected year of graduation (when the student has been high school age for 4 years), not by actual year of graduation.

Graduates will need to show evidence of Essential Skills in Reading, Writing, and Math. The student can demonstrate these Essential Skills by meeting or exceeding state performance standards on the Smarter Balance Assessments through the district or completing 2 passing work samples for each skills area. They MUST meet or exceed in these areas to graduate even though they have met the 24 credit requirement. The student will receive .25 credits for every standard that is met. This applies to every student regardless of high school grade level.

DIPLOMA: OOI meets all Oregon state standards and graduation requirements. When a student has met all credit and testing requirements, a student may be considered a graduate at any time during the school year. In June, Oregon Outreach Inc. will hold a graduation ceremony that will celebrate the achievements of all students that have graduated within the school year from all OOI sites. Students that graduate from Oregon Outreach will receive an Oregon standard diploma.


Course Name# of Credits
Language Arts/English 4.0
Mathematics (All must be Algebra 1 or higher) 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies 3.0
Health Education 1.0
Physical Education 1.0
Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Foreign Language 2.0
Career Development 0.5
Service Learning 0.5
Electives 6.0


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