Attendance Expectations

Regular attendance is essential for each student’s success.

OOI Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend school daily and to be on time. Repeated tardiness is not acceptable and it will affect you completing our diploma program.

A parent/guardian needs to notify the school before school starts in the event of a necessary absence, not the student.

Valid reasons for tardiness or absences

Valid reasons for tardiness or absences are as follows, but even with these excuses, they will still be marked as tardy or absent in the attendance count.

  1. Sickness of student (student must present an excuse from doctor or a parent/guardian).
  2. Emergency situation requiring student at home (a signed note from parent/guardian is required).

The following procedures will be followed in the event of an absence:

  1. OOI Academy staff will contact parents/guardian via Gradebookwizard and/or call the student’s parent/guardian each day the student is absent, documenting all calls.
  2. OOI Academy staff notifies one of four School District’s if a student has five days of absence in any month.
  3. If the student is absent for 10 consecutive days (including suspensions and excused absences for illness), the student will be un-enrolled on the 11th day from the program. Re-enrollment can only be approved through the School District.

These are the consequences to absenteeism:

  1. If attendance falls below 80% in a two week period, a parent/guardian conference will be called and a 10- day attendance contract will be filled out and signed.
  2. If the problem continues, a meeting with the parent/guardian and district will be held and the student placed on a second attendance contract.
  3. If the problem still persists, the student may be un-enrolled from this program or referred back to the district.


Tardiness is not tolerated as the class in only 3 hours. If a student is going to be late, a phone call from the parent/guardian is necessary unless the student is living on their own, then the student can call, before the class starts. Parents and students are responsible for communicating when a student is tardy and there must be a legitimate reason for the tardy. Please call the school to advise of tardiness.



The morning class is from 8:30am to 11:30am and the afternoon class is from 12:30pm to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.


School District buses are available to provide students with pick up and drop off services. At enrollment students must tell OOI academy staff of their transportation needs to be put on the bus routes. If a student knows they will not be using the bus i.e. getting dropped off, are sick and not attending school, have alternate means of transportation, they must call the Bus Barn and report the change at least one hour in advance of normal service. If a student consistently misses/skips the bus, they may be removed from the bus route at the discretion of the Bus Barn.


All prescription/non-prescription medication that needs to be administered during school hours, must be given to OOI academy staff, accompanied by a note from the physician and/or parent. Medications must be in the original purchased bottle. Any medication that is found in any other container or plastic bag will be confiscated and parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up the medication. All medications will be stored in a locked area and all administered medications will be recorded. OOI staff will collaborate with Shool District Health Staff to ensure that OOI staff are following all regulations and legal requirements related to medication management.


School will be canceled whenever one of four School District’s has canceled classes, i.e. snow days, etc. Announcements of school closures will be made on local radio and TV stations. In the case of a 2-hour late start due to inclement weather there will be no AM or PM OOI Academy classes regardless of the High School’s schedule.