Creating and maintaining a safe environment

The following Academy rules and expectations have been developed for all Oregon Outreach locations in order to create and maintain a safe environment. This will help keep students and faculty safe while attending our diploma classes and science camps.


AVOID WEAPONS/THREATS: OOI Academies / Oregon High Schools has zero-tolerance in regard to weapons on campus. Any student in possession of a dangerous weapon on school property or at a district-sponsored event, at any time of day, may be expelled for one calendar year. “Dangerous weapons” includes any kind of firearm, bomb, switchblade or look-alike. Possession of any other weapon, including mace, chains, pocket knives, or martial arts weapons, will result in the student being referred back to the school district. This also includes any dangerous object that can be used as a weapon and any toy that resembles a weapon. This includes but is not limited to squirt guns, toy knives, etc. Law enforcement may be contacted.

AVOID FIGHTING: Fighting, violence of any kind and physical contact between students are not allowed. Horseplay is also not allowed since this may lead to more serious situations. A fight will result in students immediately being sent home. A parent/guardian conference with the district and OOI academy administration will be immediately scheduled. The student will be suspended until the meeting. Based on the circumstances related to the fight, the student may receive further suspension or removal from the program.

AVOID ALCOHOL AND/OR DRUGS: OOI Academy / Oregon High Schools has a zero-tolerance drug policy and is a drug free school zone. Students who possess, distribute, sell, or use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs (or misuse prescription drugs) are subject to discipline. This includes “look-alike” drugs as well as apparatus to use drugs (e.g. pipes). This policy affects students within 1,000 feet of school property, on district-provided transportation, and while participating or attending school-sponsored activities. Students in violation are subject to suspension, expulsion, and/or other appropriate alternative discipline. Students who are present while others are in violation of our Substance Abuse Policy are also subject to discipline.

AVOID GANG ACTIVITY: Gang language, gang signs, gang graffiti, and other gang-related activities are not allowed on or around the surrounding campuses. Any gang activity will result in suspension and possible referral back to the district.


RESPECT: It is very important that we create an atmosphere of respect and tolerance at all OOI Academies and Oregon Outreach Inc. Acts of disrespect such as verbal abuse and invading personal space are unacceptable.

Comments or jokes related to race/ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexuality are not allowed. Any such high level of disrespect will result in a parent/guardian meeting with the District Coordinator and OOI administration. The disrespectful behavior may result in a suspension or referral back to the district.

STAFF DIRECTIVES: Students are required to follow all directives given by any personnel of OOI. This includes teachers, counselors, administrators, volunteers, receptionists, support staff, etc. Failure to follow directives is a safety concern and may result in suspension. Repeated incidents will result in a referral back to the district.

DRESS CODE: Students are not permitted to wear clothing that distracts themselves or others from concentrating on schoolwork. This includes, but is not limited to, any garments and/or tattoos considered gang-related or drug-related; sagging pants that shows underwear; clothing, hats, or jewelry that promotes or advertises drugs, tobacco, alcohol, racial, or sexual bias; clothing that contains pictures or comments with drug/alcohol, foul language, or sexual connotation; low necklines showing cleavage, etc.

Shorts and skirts need to be fingertip length. Hoods, sunglasses, gloves, and bandannas are not allowed. The final determination of what constitutes appropriate dress shall be made by the school administration.

HARASSMENT: Hazing, bullying, harassment, intimidation or any act that injures, degrades, or disgraces a student, staff member, or visitor will not be tolerated. Harassment is defined as intentionally annoying another person by subjecting them to offensive physical conduct, abusive words, or abusive gestures.

Sexual Harassment, both verbal and physical, is strictly forbidden. Students making unwanted comments or who engage in unwanted touching that is sexual in nature are subject to discipline including suspension, expulsion, and/or referral to police.

Students who believe they are being harassed should see a teacher, administrator, counselor, or campus monitor to file a formal complaint.

TOBACCO: Possession and/or use of tobacco products or look-alikes (such as a tobacco-free chew, electric cigarettes) are not allowed on school property, within sight of the school, or at any school activity. Tobacco products and lighters should not be seen in class or on campus. If seen, they will be confiscated until the end of the school day. Repeated violations may result in suspension or referral back to the district.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES (IPods, MP3 players, headphones):
These items cannot be used or worn during teacher-directed classes. If they are heard or cause a disruption to the school program during independent work time, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. If this becomes a chronic problem or daily disruption, a parent/guardian may be called in for a meeting or asked to come in and pick up the item personally.

CELL PHONES: Students will turn in their cell phones to the teacher at the beginning of each class and they will be given back to them during breaks and after school unless the student is a parent and needs to be contacted directly for emergencies. Cell phones may be used for school work purposes only if approved by a teacher.

If a student refuses to turn in their cell phones, the parent/guardian will be contacted to come pick up the phone or the student will be sent home for the day and the parent/guardian will be contacted for a meeting to discuss the issue. Parents who need to contact their children need to call the school phone.

USE OF SCHOOL PHONES: Students may use school phones by permission of the teacher only. Staff must decide the nature of the call, which may include, but is not limited to, calls to parents, parole/probation officers, caseworkers, and the bus barn.

PERSONAL ITEMS OF VALUE: Students are encouraged to leave large amounts of cash or other items of value at home. It is the student’s responsibility if he/she chooses to bring such an item to school; the school is not responsible if it is stolen or broken. If students own and want to use a laptop at school, they are allowed to use them at appropriate times, but the student remains responsible for its safety.

FOOD/DRINK: Food and drink in the classroom will be at the discretion of each teacher. No food or drink of any type is allowed on or around the computers. If eating or drinking in class becomes an issue, this privilege will be revoked.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AND/OR GRAFFITI: Any destruction of property, whether on purpose or unintentional will result in the student paying for the damage or a requirement of community service hours to OOI Academies /OOI to compensate for the destruction. Graffiti should not be put on books, desks, walls, or any other property of the school. Graffiti on personal items must not contain references to drugs, alcohol, gangs, sex, or racial slurs.

USE OF VEHICLES/PARKING: All student vehicles must be registered with the student office. Parking permits must be purchased at the school office and displayed on the front windshield.

The Academy is not responsible for loss due to accident, theft or vandalism.


When rules and expectations are not observed, appropriate consequences will be implemented. Each incident will be investigated and addressed individually. Factors such as frequency, duration, and severity of incidents involving failure to follow rules and expectations will be used to determine the specific consequences. In the case of more serious incidents, an investigation will be conducted and the student will be suspended and not allowed to return to school until a parent/guardian conference has been held with OOI Academy Site Lead /OOI Program Director to determine if the student will be allowed to come back to the program or referred back to the district for other placement options.

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