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Adult Diploma Coordinator and Registrar

Celebrating Two Years of Dedication!

As we mark the second anniversary of his tenure with us at Oregon Outreach, it’s evident that Alex Englehardt’s unwavering dedication and significant contributions have left an indelible mark on our community.

Alex’s educational journey began with a degree in Elementary Education from Black Hills State University, accompanied by a minor in reading. Starting as an elementary school substitute teacher in South Dakota, he later transitioned into the retail sector, spending over two years at Walmart in a role where he trained new employees at a department manager level. Alex’s diverse background in education and management set the stage for his role as the Adult Diploma Coordinator and Registrar at Oregon Outreach, where he has proudly served for the past two years.

Undoubtedly, his favorite and most rewarding aspect of the job is witnessing students graduate from the Adult Diploma Program. His passion for education and commitment to student success shine through in every accomplishment of the program. This dedication has played a crucial role in the program’s growth, both in terms of the number of graduates and its overall impact. Alex’s efforts have not only contributed to the success of the ADP but have also raised awareness, making more people recognize the importance and achievements of the program.

Looking ahead, Alex envisions a future of continued growth for Oregon Outreach. Specifically, within the Adult Diploma Program, he sees opportunities to collaborate with other non-profits, expanding outreach and bringing in more students. Alex is driven by the desire to see more adults accomplish their goal of graduating high school.

As we celebrate the two-year milestone of Alex Engelhardt’s dedication, we invite the Oregon Outreach community to join us in recognizing his outstanding contributions. Alex’s journey exemplifies the spirit of commitment and the transformative power of education at Oregon Outreach. Cheers to him and the positive influence he brings to our community!

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