How We Achieve Student's Education Success

To help student achieve academic success and earn their high school diploma, we offer individualized learning and proficiency based instruction.  Included in all our academic programs our faculty are also trained in Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) and this will help both the students and parents understand the why they may be struggling academically.

Individualized Learning

Since its accreditation from the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities in 1994, Oregon Outreach Inc. (OOI) has graduated over 400 students. Communities from Beaverton to Gresham, and Molalla to Scappoose, and many in between have contracted with OOI to provide instructional programs with flexible scheduling and individualized instruction. Dedicated staff personalizes instruction to meet Oregon State Standards, as well as, provide emotional support and basic life skills when the situation arises.

Proficiency Based Instruction

Oregon Outreach has been providing proficiency based instruction for over 25 years. We develop individualized curriculum, called contracts, that are aligned with the Oregon State Education Standards. These contracts are divided into areas in which the student must demonstrate understanding and a level of proficiency to earn credit for that contract. As public schools in Oregon are moving to towards proficiency based instruction, we believe that we can be are a leader in this area as OOI has been successful in successfully implementing this type of instructional method for years.

Earn Your High School Diploma

Oregon Outreach is accredited by AdvancEd. This allows students the opportunity to earn the same official high school diploma that would be obtained at any public high school in Oregon.  All four of our programs offer both modified and regular diplomas that meet the standards that all public schools in Oregon are required to meet. Students may also have the opportunity to earn a GED.

Academic Programs

The following is a list of support services provided for youth in need of additional assistance in order to succeed in school, at home, and in the community:

  • An accredited high school diploma or GED
  • Individualized curriculum and proficiency-based instruction
  • Small class size
  • Social, emotional and behavioral counseling
  • Substance abuse education and intervention
  • Special Education Servicesa
  • Free summer school
  • Gang outreach and education
  • Art instruction
  • Academic counseling and college preparation
  • Science Camp
  • Service learning and community involvement
  • First Aid/CPR training
  • Diploma Credit Recovery

Collaborative Problem-Solving

During February 2014, Oregon Outreach staff was fully trained in the use of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS).  CPS is an approach for responding to challenging behaviors in ways that preserve the integrity of the child while simultaneously building the skills that are lagging that cause the behaviors to be present in the first place.

Relationally based and supported by research, CPS views challenging behavior as a learning disability of some very crucial cognitive (thinking) skills necessary to handle the demands of everyday life and not the result of a child’s willfulness or poor parenting. Through a more empathetic and accurate understanding of what is getting in a child’s way, staff are better able intervene to support children through a collaborative process.

The CPS approach is now in place and being used by educational, treatment, and state organizations and agencies throughout Oregon, and our state is considered to be one on the forefront of implementing this effective and research-based model.

Some of the many organizations that currently use CPS are:

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