OOI Whistle Blower Policy


Oregon Outreach, Inc. (OOI) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and accountability. The purpose of this policy is to provide an avenue for employees, volunteers, and stakeholders to report concerns about potential wrongdoing within the organization without fear of retaliation. 


This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, board members, contractors, and stakeholders associated with OOI. 

Reporting Procedure

1. Internal Reporting

  1. Employees, volunteers, and stakeholders are encouraged to report any concerns or suspected violations of laws, regulations or organizational policies to their immediate supervisor, another trusted supervisor, or designated Whistleblower Officer.
  2. If for any reason an individual is uncomfortable reporting to their immediate supervisor, they may use an alternative reporting channel, including: 
    1. Contacting the designated Whistleblower Officer directly

2. Whistleblower Officer

    1. OOI designates a Whistleblower Officer (by role or position, must be appropriate to the scope of their duties and able to carry out the Whistleblower Officer duties). The Whistleblower Officer is responsible for receiving and assessing whistleblower reports. 
    2. The Whistleblower Officer will ensure that all reports are treated with confidentiality to the extent permitted by law. 

3. Anonymous Reporting

  1. Individuals may choose to submit reports anonymously, through emailing the OOI Board of Director’s Secretary. The Whistleblower Officer will make every effort to maintain confidentiality while still conducting a thorough investigation. 

4. Investigation Process

    1. The Whistleblower Officer will investigate all reports in a timely manner, ensuring fair treatment of all parties involved. 
    2. If the report is substantiated, appropriate corrective action will be taken, which may include disciplinary measures, changes to policies or procedures, etc.
    3. OOI is committed to protecting individuals who make good faith reports from retaliation. Any form of retaliation against a whistleblower is strictly prohibited and will be treated as a serious violation of this policy. 
      1. Retaliation includes but is not limited to harassment, adverse employment action, slander or libel, etc.

5. Non-Retaliation

    1. OOI will not tolerate any retaliation against individuals who, in good faith, report concerns or violations under this policy. Retaliation may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

6. Distribution and Acknowledgement

    1. This Whistleblower Policy will be distributed to all employees, volunteers, and Board of Directors who will be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the policy. 
    2. This policy will also be placed on the agency website for all stakeholders as well.