Thanks to our supportive family members, friends, the OOI team, Portland-area school districts and most importantly our teachers!

What Parents Have to Say About Oregon Outreach

“I love the environment of OOI for my child. I love the class size and the one on one instruction that is provided. I love the support that my child receives at OOI, as well as, if I need to know what exactly is going on at any given time in the class room, I am provided that knowledge. I appreciate the flexibility of OOI.“

“The individualized learning environment allows my sons strengths to flourish.”

“It gave my son the opportunity to succeed in high school. Had he been in the regular high school it is likely that he would not be graduating. This school gave him confidence and the support he needed. The class size was great. It tailored to his learning needs rather then having him conform to the mainstream public education system. This has been a very positive place for my son.“

“There is no homework to fight over. Shortened school day. Multiple chances to get credits.”

What Students Have to Say About Oregon Outreach

“That it’s easy to learn, my teachers help me when I need it, they never tell me no when I ask for help. They always provide me with the work I need to graduate. They help me when I need it. They try to get all of the students to work together.”

“You can be yourself here, and you can work at your own pace.”

“Earn credits at a faster pace then most schools.”

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